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Buddha - 2D Animation Movie To Hit Theatres Soon

by Anonymous

September 26, 2004 -- Pentamedia Graphics Ltd is proud to present India's first 2D animated feature film, Buddha. The film took 2 years in the making (April 2002-Feb 2004) at a cost $6.3 million and is ready for a world-wide theatrical release. The movie has already been screened in Singapore and Bombay where the movie won good reviews. It is currently looking for an international distributor to do theatrical release.Blazeway LLC ( is handling the movies marketing efforts in the US.

Directed by Shamboo Falke, Buddha is Co-produced by the Singapore Economic Development Board and Pentamedia Graphics Limited. The story written by Sujatha is based on the book The Light of Asia by Edwin Arnold. Other credits include Anjan Cariappa -creative director, Makrand Joshi - Animation director, while the technical director is Sumathi Sridharan who is also Vice President, Pentamedia.

"Most movies have a story that focuses on a particular timeline in the protagonistís life. In Buddha the story begins right from pre-birth up till the time he attains enlightenment." says Shamboo Phalke, director Buddha.

Possessive and indulgent about the project that he devoted more than 30 months of his life to, Phalke continues, "The story is divided into 3 phases, Buddha as a child, Buddha as a young prince and finally Buddha as the crown prince when he gets married and has a child. The phase when Buddha is a child is again divided into the time when he is a baby and when he is a little kid. It was extremely challenging to maintain the same look even while the character was constantly growing, evolving."
Continuing he says," We have consciously concluded the story when he attains enlightenment because we wanted to avoid going into the phase which is more focused on religion. "
"Also great care has been taken depicting the father-son relationship between Buddha and his father. Though Buddha defied his father when he renounced the world, there existed a great bond of love between father and son, we have focused on that aspect. A greater part of our audience comprising of children, we were very careful when portraying the relationship."

The one thing which Buddha has going for itself is the Pan Asian appeal of the subject.

The movie has been Co-Produced with the Singapore Economic Development Board and the production work was carried out simultaneously in three countries, India, Phillipines and Singapore.
"A team of more than 400 animators worked in Phillipines alone" says Phalke. We also trained more than a 100 people in Singapore, who did eventually work on some characters out of the total of a 100 odd characters in the movie. Technology transfer is the main reason that motivated the Singapore EDB to get involved with the project."
"About 4.5 lakh frames were drawn of which 4 lakh were finally used in the movie.
The software used was US Animation 5.1 For ink & paint- (Hardware - HP Visualize 1 GB RAM, 10 GB HDD, Pentium III)

"We are very excited about this film and the real challenge will be in positioning the film, with Indian content, in the International markets. The movie is releasing in Mumbai on the 10th of September and we are confident that it will be well received." said Nirmala Narendra Nath who is looking after the marketing and release of the movie.
"Besides children, the movie is also targeted at lovers of animation and SFX." chipped in Sumathi.
Made in English the movie is to be dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Mandarin and Cantonese.
Eventually to be released in all the 4 metros in India, the movie releases on 10 September in Mumbai. The Mumbai territory will have three to four prints which will be rotated every 2 weeks for 2 months and the rest depending on the response.
Overseas, releases have been planned for USA, Europe and Asia. In Asia which is a potentially more receptive market for Buddha, negotiations are on with distributors for China, while sponsored shows are planned for Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Plans are also afoot to pitch the movie for MIPCOM in Cannes this October.

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